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“I watched Oscar engage not only the young men on campus but the faculty and staff. He assisted with retreats, service opportunities and mentoring with the community.

Oscar understands the importance of building trust with them and developing strong relationships with them. He was able to develop a bond that allowed him to challenge students to work hard and surpass their own expectations. He epitomizes the term team player and without a doubt, is a highly effective leader.”

Pasquale Talarico, (Frmr.) California State Senator Deputy Chief of Staff

“Oscar’s true strength lies in is his ability to build positive, trusting and enduring relationships with everyone he comes in contact with. Oscar holds himself to a high character standard, is genuine and has a clear vision of who he is as a God-fearing man, coupled with unshakable dedication to those he serves; he embodies the term ‘servant leader’.”

Sgt. Major (Ret.) Victor Martin, United States Marine Corp

“It is my pleasure to recommend Oscar McBride and his program to all levels of athletic participation. Oscar is a man of character that is passionate about his role in the development of a safe and nurturing environment for athletic participation. His presentation encompasses all by addressing the parents, student-athletes, and coaches. Oscar has presented on several occasions at La Salle High School in Pasadena, CA. He always leaves the crowd feeling enlightened and energized.  

The beauty of the presentation is Oscar's unique ability to ground his audience by placing them in the moments he discusses. He makes you feel as if you are having a conversation with your favorite uncle in your own living room. He is direct, witty, comical and nails the most important issues involving athletic participation today.


I encourage all athletic directors’, youth organizations, and the like to have Oscar present to their communities. I can guarantee a positive outcome that will be a springboard for positivity within their programs.”

Anthony Harris, Frmer Athletic Director LaSalle HS Pasadena

“Oscar has served as a trusted confidant and leader to parents and students alike; even as a surrogate Dad to those players whose fathers are absent. Further, Oscar is a developer of innovative and state-of-the-art programs that engage students, coaches and parents in initiatives that showcase all the good in scholar athletes and inhibit any arrogance, sense of entitlement or superiority attendant to athletic achievement.”

Richard Hoag, Business Associate

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