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McBride Consulting is totally
focused on building character through the creation of influence. Focusing on the Power in Leadership and Example.

Our program purpose is to educate clients regarding the fundamental principles of leadership. Our belief is that much like other skills, leadership can be learned through conscious and intentional examination; however, the employed methods should incorporate an understanding of the difference between one’s assertion of given power versus that of earned influence. These fundamental principles have been captured in our program which was designed to awaken and empower the dynamic leadership potential in everyone… while concurrently underscoring the importance of relationship, service and love.


Developing leaders requires as much honesty as it does patience. Some may have substantial tools while others lack the confidence to try. Our leadership growth path embraces confidence in one's self while at the same time lending honest respect for others; and we further highlight deliberate, mindful engagement. In short, we believe everyone, in some capacity, has the ability to lead. 

Peer to Peer Engagement

It doesn't matter how much potential the relationship has if there is no trust. Our success in helping you maximize growth depends equally on our growth in depth of relationship. This strategy is at the crux of our philosophy; We grow together.
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